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The hassle-free, "Straight Talking" umbrella company that provides the employment solution for UK Contractors & Freelancers. Independently voted as the Best Umbrella Company by readers of Contractor UK.

Best Umbrella Company 2011Best Umbrella Company 2012Best Umbrella Company 2013As one of the most trusted Umbrella Companies in the UK, we guarantee contractors total peace of mind, absolute compliance and complete security. We are one of the longest standing and most respected umbrella companies in the UK, but you don't need to take our word for it, take a look at some of our employee testimonials.

So why would you work through an Umbrella Company?

  • Daunted by the thought of being legally responsible for your own Limited Company?
  • No time to manage all of the Limited Company administration?
  • Contract starts immediately?
  • Inside or worried about being caught by IR35?
  • Short contract – 9 months or less?
  • New to contracting?
  • In between permanent jobs and looking for a simple solution?
  • Can't have a Limited Company due to visa restrictions?

If any of the points above apply to you, then an Umbrella Company may be your best option.

Tempted by offers of over 80% Take Home Pay on the internet? Then take a look at the truth behind some of the schemes available and the problems you could find yourself in. We pride ourselves on being open and honest about how we operate, meaning you, the contractor, know where you stand and you don't end up with any nasty surprises!

ContractorUmbrella Ltd has the backing of the largest network of specialist contractor service provider companies in the UK, the SJD Group. We offer the security of a brand name and exceptional levels of customer service, we work with over 12,000 contractors and 98% would recommend us to friends and colleagues. We adhere to all the latest HMRC guidance and are committed to working closely with our contractors and recruitment agencies to ensure you stay safe. We are proud to work to a Commitment Charter that guarantees the levels of commitment to both employees and clients of ContractorUmbrella. To this day we have never broken the terms of our commitment charter... and never intend to!

Contractor Umbrella AppDownload our FREE “Umbrella Guide” App Today! For everything you need to know about working through an umbrella company, from expenses to take home, to understanding PAYE. ContractorUmbrella, we tell it the way it is, straight talking and hassle free!

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Higher Take Home PayContractor Umbrella are pleased to announce that they have received written communications from HMRC confirming that they will provide support to "straight talking" umbrella companies who have signed up to become part of the 'self regulatory' body called All Umbrella Companies Are Equal. Founded in May 2013 by ContractorUmbrella Ltd, the aims of the site is to provide easy access to contractors and agencies to umbrella companies that have agreed to work within the guidelines provided by HMRC. Please click here to download a full copy of the letter.