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UK sees significant rise in temporary worker numbers


Umbrella company contractors will be interested to learn that a recent survey has revealed that during 2008-2015 the UK has seen the largest increase in self-employed professionals in the EU.

The Trade Union Congress research also found that Britain has seen the third biggest rise in the number of temporary workers in Europe.

Jeanette Makings, head of financial education at Close Brothers, commented, “The UK workforce is continuing to evolve, with more people than ever now choosing to work for themselves for part or all of their career.

“While self-employment can provide many benefits such as greater flexibility and autonomy, this demographic often go without the same level of access to workplace benefits and are not easily reached en masse for help in planning to save for their future and the implications of ongoing changes to pensions, tax and investments.

“Understanding how to make the most of the financial opportunities in front of you is vital for every individual who wants to improve their financial wellbeing. However, unlike their employed counterparts, the self-employed don’t have an employer who can help them with access to a range of financial benefits, financial education and advice.

“But this isn’t just a problem for the self-employed and society at large, this also does impact the workplace as there are thousands of self-employed in the workplace, including partners in professional services firms, consultants and IT professionals. More emphasis must now be placed on creating effective communications channel to reach this growing population of workers, so they too can access the information, guidance and advice they need to navigate an increasingly complex economic environment.”


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