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Majority of contractors believe Brexit won't have an affect on their business


Umbrella company contractors might be interested to learn that a new survey has revealed that many contractors believe that Brexit will have no affect at all on their business.

The report, carried out by Qdos Contractor found that of the 1350 freelancers and contractors surveyed, 44% say that they don't think they will be affected by Brexit, 38% think that it could be a negative outcome for them and 18% think it will have more of a positive impact.

Interestingly, 70% said that they don't currently carry out work in the rest of Europe and don't have any intentions of doing so at all.

Seb Maley, Qdos Contractor CEO, commented, “Article 50 has been triggered, and barring any large and hugely unexpected political turnarounds, the UK is set to negotiate its leave from European Union. But given that less than one in five freelancers or contractors believe this is set to benefit their business, is of course concerning.

“The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s exit negotiations from the EU will have no doubt played its part in affecting freelancer’s optimism. And while chaos following last week’s General Election ensues, it does raise the possibility of a ‘softer Brexit’, which could play an important role in revitalising struggling confidence surrounding our exit from the EU. Brexit negotiators should seize the opportunity as we prepare for exit talks.

“That the majority of freelancers asked currently do not work on projects across Europe, and currently do not plan to, is insignificant when it comes to securing a deal that benefits the UK’s independent workforce. And that 44% of freelancers and contractors asked, do not expect Brexit to affect their business at all, can be considered a positive, particularly in times of uncertainty.

“That said, we urge the Brexit negotiators to prioritise access to the single market, and with it the free movement of people and workers. Freelancers and contractors are vital to business, essential to the UK economy, and should be factored strongly in any exit plans.”


Daniele Cantello is an Employee Liaison Officer for ContractorUmbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies. Learn more about Daniele on Google.