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Majority of employees screen social media before interviews


Whether you’re a contractor, freelancer or ‘permie’, everyone applying for a new job needs to be aware of their social media content, as the majority of interviewers will be screening you.

New research from totaljobs has shown that as many as 74% of interviewers will check over a candidate’s social media content before carrying out an interview. Interestingly, this figure is a lot higher than is expected from candidates.

The survey questioned 268 recruiters and 8,599 applicants. Of those candidates, only 36% expected an interviewer to research them, which might mean that many people are not being careful about what they post on their social media and are therefore jeopardising their chances of being hired.

The research also looked into interview techniques and found that 70% of hiring employers spend less than an hour planning for an interview, whereas 34% of candidates spend as many as three hours or more organising themselves beforehand.

Totaljobs HR Director, David Clift, commented, “Interesting disparities exist between employers’ and candidates’ experience of interviews. Traditionally the burden to ‘prove’ themselves has very much fallen on the side of the candidate, but it is still important employers prepare a good interview to ensure that candidates have a chance to give the best of themselves.”

The advice given by employers to candidates includes:

  • Spend more time researching the company (88%)
  • Think of questions to ask (81%)
  • Research the industry (71%)
  • Think of the potential questions you may be asked so you can come up with a good response (67%)
  • Re-read your CV (49%).
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