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Self-employed numbers reach record figures


With the new labour market figures showing employment numbers are continuing to grow, the rising number of self-employed workers has also been highlighted.

There are now 32.1 million people working in the UK, which is a rise of 94,000 just from May this year. This figure is largely made up by 70,000 self-employed workers, meaning that there is now a record 4.86 million contractors in the UK – making up 15.1% of the UK workforce.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) have responded to these latest results.

Tom Purvis, IPSE Economic Policy Adviser, commented, “Today’s employment figures show the UK labour market is going from strength to strength – in no small part because of the growing number of people taking the leap into self-employment.

“Nor is it just the self-employed in general who are driving the UK’s high employment figures – it’s particularly self-employed women. In fact, out of the 94,000 more people in work – both employed and self-employed – 78,000 are women. Self-employment is giving more and more women the chance to work flexibly, which is especially welcome to recent mothers.

“Overall, these figures show just how important the self-employed have become to our labour market. The flexibility they provide will be absolutely essential to sustaining a successful economy after Brexit.”

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