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Agency Testimonials

Choosing the right Umbrella Company to look after your contractors really can make a big difference to your life in recruitment. Here at ContractorUmbrella we take a proactive but friendly approach so you know you are dealing with real people rather than machines. We’ll work alongside your company to make sure you’re able to spend more time doing what you do best and less time dealing with admin and paperwork.

Below are some of the comments we’ve received about ContractorUmbrella’s service:

"I have worked with Contractor Umbrella and in particular Theresa for a while now and from a recruiters point of view they are a dream. Friendly personalised service, quick to respond to any questions/queries, prompt payment and all of my contractors are happy contractors, it leaves me wondering why anyone would choose one of the large faceless Umbrella’s out there."
Daniel Cleaves  · Director · Precise Placements

“We have used the employee/PAYE management services of Contractor Umbrella for approximately two years. We utilise a good number of short term and long term contract staff to fulfil our resource requirements for projects with our customers. During this time we have found Contractor Umbrella to be very efficient processing our temp/contract staff payroll and flexible dealing with our needs. We are very happy to recommend Contractor Umbrella as a suitable agency for any firm looking to outsource their payroll processing and to manage their contractor employment requirements.”
Director · Themis Consulting

“We have been working closely with Contractor Umbrella for nearly a year now and from the start they have impressed us with their accomplished and professional manner.

They handle all paperwork efficiently and their team is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They are unusual in that they seem to allow their staff to generate a relationship with their clients rather than acting like robots that don’t want to talk to real people.

With their impeccable professionalism and refreshing personal touch we cannot recommend them more highly. Furthermore, all our candidates working through Contractor Umbrella appear happy to have done so and certainly never complain about slow processing which can be prevalent at others.”
Sean McKenna · Managing Director · Write Authors Limited.

Sure Recruitment has been working closely with Contractor Umbrella for over 4 months now. From the outset, they have impressed me with their accomplished and professional manner. Their staff are always helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, plus their paperwork is accurate and timely. Our business feels comfortable and confident recommending their services to contractors, as their processes have been reviewed by KPMG, achieving the audit standard for Professional Passport. Their all round service far exceeds many other umbrella companies, and therefore I would highly recommend Contractor Umbrella to other contractors and recruitment agencies”
James Crockett · Sure Recruitment Ltd

If you are interested in speaking to us about how we can help assist your company, please contact a member of our team on 01206 713680 or email us at