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With International Women’s Day taking place tomorrow (8th March), a new survey has revealed what it’s really like to work as a tradeswoman in the UK.

Shockingly, almost one in 10 tradeswomen say that customers have refused to let them do a job because of their gender.

These findings come from the Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends report, which also shows that across 15 key trades in the industry, women earn just 72% of what men do – for floorers and tilers, this drops to 41%

The 10 trades with the biggest gender pay gaps are:

  1. Floorers and wall tilers – 41% (average women’s pay as a % of men’s pay)
  2. Metal working production and maintenance fitters – 51%
  3. Electrical and electronic trades – 51%
  4. Glaziers, window fabricators and fitters – 52%
  5. Carpenters and joiners – 53%
  6. Electricians and electrical fitters – 54%
  7. Construction and building trades – 57%
  8. Painters and decorators – 57%
  9. Plumbers and heating and ventilating engineers – 61%
  10. Electrical and electronics technicians – 80%

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Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, commented, “We’ve long valued individuality, diversity, and inclusion at Rated People. Empowering more women and people across the gender spectrum to build successful careers in trades services is a priority for us. There’s still a lot to be done, but it’s a challenge we’re embracing.

“With 14 of the 15 top trades recruiting significantly fewer women than men, getting more women into trades services can also play a huge role in helping to address the industry’s workforce shortage.

“At Rated People, we’re making a pledge to feature more tradeswomen role models and we want to promote the incredible work being done by tradeswomen in the industry. We also want to make it easier for more women to get into the business, so we’ve launched a new programme that’s packed with benefits, help, and advice.

“No matter your background or career, we invite you to stand with us as we help strive towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.”

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