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IT contractor’s job opportunities have increased thanks to Indian firms taking an interest in UK umbrella company contractors.

Marketing experts Vanson Bourne and software manufacturers Antenna Software carried out a survey, confirming that UK businesses are likely to double their spending on mobile technology projects within the next 18 months.

The encouraging news for those working under umbrella companies has revealed that many Indian IT giants, such as Wipro and Infosys have announced that they will be hiring more IT professionals in the UK. 

This also includes Tata Consultancy Services, which currently employs 6,739 IT contractors in this country and plans to take on another 1,500 this year., a specialist IT recruiter, have revealed the results from a poll, revealing that a great deal of IT professionals (19%) are planning to enhance their skills in order to concentrate on mobile computing.  Over three quarters (77%) of respondents said that IT graduates entering the industry would find mobile computing the best option. 

Richard Nott, the website director of CWJobs, said, “Who would have guessed five years ago that apps such as Angry Birds would turn into a multimillion pound product?

“Mobile computing presents huge opportunities for businesses, and in turn, fantastic career opportunities for skilled IT pros.”

This news will come as a great relief for IT professionals working under an umbrella company, as many of these jobs were previously being outsourced to India and other Asian countries such as the Philippines.

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