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Just over half of Brits admit that there are some parts of the job hunting process that scare them.

Of the 1,200 workers surveyed by CV-Library, as many as 30% said that they wouldn’t apply for a role that had them facing their fears – one in ten have even avoided going to an interview because they were too scared.

Areas of job hunting that Brits feared the most included:

– Being rejected for a role they wanted (55.7%)

– Attending interviews (42.4%)

– Having to do an interview test or task (39.9%)

– Speaking to recruiters or potential employers on the phone (34.8%)

– Having to include a video with their application (34.1%)

– Video interviews (33.7%)

– Writing a cover letter (29.9%)

– Writing a CV (25.9%)

– Having to take time off to attend interviews (25.3%)

– Meeting with new people (13.3%)

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments on the findings, Job hunting can certainly be nerve wracking, but you shouldn’t let any of your fears stop you from reaching your ideal role. It’s important that you combat these fears in order to progress in your career, so consider ways in which you can polish up your job hunting skills and make the process less harrowing.

“Look for career advice blogs to give you an insight into how you can prepare your CV and cover letter, handle nerves and master the entire job hunting process. Above all, if you feel organised and ready to make your mark then it can help ease some of the anxiety that comes with looking for a job!”

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