Call for ‘aggressive’ attack on NHS workforce issues

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Latest research has shown worrying findings, with NHS workforce shortages having a direct impact on patient care and staff experience.

The report, compiled by leading think-tanks The King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation, suggests that more than 30,000 extra nurses and almost 3,000 GPs are currently needed.

This will rise to nearly 70,000 nurses and more than 7,000 GPs within five years if sufficient action isn’t taken.

Specialist recruiter Healthier Recruitment warns that the health service must aggressively attack its workforce issues or risk failing patients.

Michael Johnson-Ellis, Managing Director at Healthier Recruitment, commented, “We wholeheartedly agree with the report’s findings that staffing is a ‘make-or-break issue’ for the NHS and that urgent action is needed now: there is no question that access to talent is a significant barrier to the future sustainability of the health service. However, headlines that proclaim that the NHS has ‘no chance’ of training enough staff to meet future demand are misleading and unhelpful.

“Recommendations outlined in the paper, such as the introduction of cost-of-living grants for student nurses, are sensible suggestions. But in the meantime, it is crucial that Trusts concentrate efforts on actions that will have an immediate impact on workforce productivity.

“We specifically support the recommendation that NHS England must make the NHS a ‘better place to work and build a career’ and also echo advice that workforce planning is key to success.”

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