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Leaving a Contract Role

Resignation from current role

When resigning from your current role to accept another, there are some important things to remember.

You should examine your contract to ensure that you are aware of everything that you need to be. You should provide notice in writing and agree a leaving date according to the notice periods set in the contract. Do this in a professional and gracious manner and do not burn your bridges with that company. You never know if you will return to the same client at a later date, take up another role through the same agency, or need either party as a reference.

It is important to keep ‘networking’, so speak to colleagues and maybe even obtain their consent to be a referee for you – remember to keep building up your contacts – and keep in contact with them after you have left if you can!

If you do not personally hand in your notice, and this is emailed for any reason, it is worth getting them to confirm receipt. Ensure that you communicate well with all parties, so that everyone is clear on the situation.