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New PM must act fast to protect jobs, says REC

REC: ‘Boris Johnson’s team must now focus on stability, investment and growth in our economy.’

New government and IR35 review promise welcomed by IPSE

IPSE: ‘We campaigned hard against the disastrous changes to IR35, and we will be holding Chancellor Sajid Javid to his promise to review them.’

Contractor Umbrella pass APSCo Intermediary Compliance Review

Contractor Umbrella Compliance Audit Auditors have undertaken a very thorough audit of Contractor Umbrella which aims to provide you the contractor, agency or end client with the security that the service you will receive and the processes that are undertaken on your behalf are compliant with HMRC. The assessment included a review of detailed documentation, Read More...

Brexit and IR35 bringing contractor’s confidence down

IPSE: “Parties across the political spectrum need to sit up and take note that freelancers and other businesses are still suffering under the weight of Brexit uncertainty.”

IPSE welcomes Sajid Javid’s IR35 pledge

IPSE: “Now, as April 2020 approaches, major banks and businesses – vital drivers of the UK economy – are starting to panic at the plans to extend the changes to the private sector.”

Half of UK workforce expected to work remotely by 2020

With half of the UK workforce expected to be working remotely by 2020, co-working spaces help to combat the loneliness that can come with contracting.

Lib Dem manifesto supports contracting sector

The Liberal Democrat manifesto adopts core IPSE policies to support the self-employed sector.

A third of private sector organisations unaware of IR35 reforms

A third of private sector organisations who regularly engage non-permanent contractors, including temporary workers, are unaware of the reforms to IR35 legislation due to come into effect in April 2020.


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