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Many contractors believe Brexit will have a negative impact

Sixty-one per cent of self-employed people under 30 and 58% of people aged 31 to 40 think Brexit will result in fewer opportunities.

A human touch is vital in recruitment

The majority of both candidates and recruiters believe that it’s important that the recruiter is knowledgeable about the specific job, organisation and industry.

Many professionals believe AI could take over their jobs

The majority of Brits believe that their job could be made obsolete because of the growing development of technology.

UK sign and graphics industry thriving

Optimism is high within the UK sign and graphics industry as figures show that there’s plenty of work available in the sector.

Self-employment and rates of pay on the rise

Latest ONS results show positive news for the self-employed sector, with it being the only form of paid employment to increase this quarter.

Top 10 most and least trusted professionals revealed

The findings suggest jobs that contribute to the public good, such as health or education-related professions, are the most trustworthy of the bunch.

More disabled people than ever before are choosing self-employment

As many as 611,000 UK disabled people now work for themselves in their main job, but many feel they are not supported by the government.

The top ten UK cities for hiring

With applications for new jobs rising by 9.3% year-on-year, employers are urged to focus on their hiring efforts.