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Mental Health Awareness Week: Many Brits have taken time off due to work stress

Of those who have experienced stress in the workplace, one in 25 (4%) reported it was so serious that they had to leave a job. This rises to 5% for women and falls to 3% for men.

Petrol prices surges to six-month high

With the average cost of petrol and diesel rising, this will have an impact on the many self-employed workers who need to travel for their work.

House building helping UK construction return to growth

Construction output rises for the first time since January, while residential work expands at the fastest pace for four months.

HMRC’s top tips for staying safe online

HMRC is reminding people that although the security of its systems and customer data is top of its list, everyone needs to stay alert.

NHS pay gap must be addressed, say experts

Healthier Recruitment is warning that the current approach to recruitment will fracture the NHS and worsen the staffing crises.

AI enhancing workforce, says global talent expert

Experts believe that the ‘cyborg effect’ – where both organic and biomechatronic elements combine – is boosting workforces, rather than depleting it.

More UK employers relying on contractors

Positive hiring figures suggest that many UK businesses are turning to the self-employed sector to help them through an uncertain outlook.

UK tech sector remains resilient

Despite technology firms’ optimism dropping to a 10-year low, 43% of tech firms said they expected to boost their workforces in the next 12 months.