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Significant number of tech professionals would leave UK for work

75% of British tech workers said they would be willing to leave the UK for work, compared to 61% of the general population.

Contractor pay on the rise despite uncertainty

The latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Report on Jobs has revealed a mixed bag for both contractors and permanent workers.

Job growth remains strong in the Midlands

Professional job availability is booming across the Midlands, with Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester creating plenty of opportunities.

LinkedIn continues to roll out its pop-up pub

After launching a successful pop-up experience in London earlier in the year, the LinkedIn pub is doing the rounds again.

Contractors blame government for drop in earnings

Many self-employed workers are blaming the government’s fiscal policy for the reason behind a drop in earnings.

IPSE concerned by IR35 research

With the IR35 consultation closing at the end of May, research covering the legislation has revealed worrying results.

Female contractors driving the UK’s self-employed revolution

The significant rise in highly-skilled female contractors over the last decade has taken the number of senior-level women contracting in the UK to 863,000.

UK has high ‘always-on work’ culture

As many as 72.4% of Brits reply to work-related emails or make work-related calls during their free time.