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Childcare Vouchers for Contractors

ContractorUmbrella has teamed up with Early Years Vouchers Ltd to help working parents save on their childcare costs. Childcare vouchers can be used for children up to 16 years of age and can benefit both basic and higher rate tax-payers.

Working parents can exchange up to £55.00 per week or £243.00 per month for childcare vouchers and this part of the income is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Eligible parents can save up to £2,392.00 per year on their childcare costs.

Contractors childcare vouchers can be used to pay for any type of registered childcare, including nurseries, child-minders, nannies, au pairs, out of school clubs and holiday schemes.

The administration cost for the scheme is 10% of the contribution value.

Our childcare voucher scheme is the perfect solution for working parents. The versatility of the scheme enables you to select the type of childcare that suits you best whilst making significant savings by paying with childcare vouchers.

Employees of ContractorUmbrella should request the relevant redemption forms from their Employee Liaison Officer and simply complete and return these to us.