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Not only did we receive third place in the umbrella company category this year for the ContractorUK Reader Awards, but we are pleased to announce that our MD, Lisa Keeble, or as she is known on the forum ‘LisaContractor Umbrella’, has won Best Forum Adviser of 2015.

“This industry has gone through a lot of challenging times over the last few years and yet the camaraderie and banter on CUK remains,” said Lisa, who was “genuinely thrilled” to win the award.

“Contractors who have found themselves caught up in long running battles with HMRC are able to use the forums to find support but also to ‘talk’ with others who are in the same situation and know exactly what they’re going through.”

She added “There’s something very special about the community on CUK and I am grateful to be part of it.”

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