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ContractorUmbrella : Environmentally Aware

ContractorUmbrella is very aware of its environmental responsibilities. One of the greatest wastes of paper in our opinion is mailshot advertising. This is something ContractorUmbrella has never and will never do; all our advertising is done online and carries no environmental impact.

Despite being a digital based company, ContractorUmbrella still generates paper in the form of invoices. However, we have arranged with 95% of the companies we deal with, to email invoices so that our consumption of paper is greatly reduced; over 2000 invoices are raised each month! ContractorUmbrella also sends payslips to its clients by email rather than sending a paper copy by post, which saves approximately 1500 sheets of paper and envelopes each month.

ContractorUmbrella uses an online message board for contact between each employee and their Employee Liaison Officer. This means that there is a permanent record of conversations and not a scrap of paper is used. Staff will also send each other emails rather than writing notes.

ContractorUmbrella in the Local Community

ContractorUmbrella employs staff from the local community and only uses the services of employment agencies or job papers that are based in the local area. Several members of staff car share on a regular basis, which the company encourages as a positive attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

Lisa Keeble, former MD of ContractorUmbrella won local business woman of the year in 2006 and used the award as an approach to local schools and colleges. She has since spoken about running a business and what employer’s expect from staff in many educational establishments. She has also been asked to act as mentor to students running small businesses at the local and prestigious Essex University; an honour she was delighted to accept.

ContractorUmbrella and Charitable Donations

ContractorUmbrella has recently adopted the payroll giving scheme, also known as Give As You Earn. This scheme enables anyone receiving pay that is subject to PAYE deductions, to donate to any charity or religious organisation from their gross pay. This scheme encourages our clients to assist those in need on a regular and consistent basis. There is no benefit to ContractorUmbrella but a significant benefit to the wider community.