Demand for IT security roles sees significant growth

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IT contractors with the right skills will be pleased to learn that demand for cyber security roles has seen significant growth in recent months.

Latest findings from Morson International have revealed that as more and more businesses look to protect themselves from the threat of cyber crime, roles for IT professionals have grown considerably.

According to the company, it predicts that the sector will require as many as 1.5 million IT security contractors over the next three years.

David Lynchehaun, sales director at Morson International, commented on these recent findings, “Cybercrime is a very real risk to businesses and is high on the Government agenda, as it’s now categorised as a Tier One threat to UK national security – the same as terrorism. We’ve already seen a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack last year affecting global brands such as CNN, Twitter and Netflix so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar attacks becoming more commonplace during 2017.

“The IT market, albeit not as much as nuclear engineering, is suffering from a shortage of security talent. We’re certainly looking to other related industries to see where the transferable skills lie.”


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