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With many employers hiring temporary staff during the festive season, they’re being urged to use this opportunity to create better relationships with workers that will last beyond Christmas.

Looking at data from the latest Barclays Business Barometer, 60% of retailers are expecting more in-store customers this year and 82% say they’ll be relying more on temporary workers this Christmas.

Responding to these figures, Sterling believes that employers should take this time to invest in improving the hiring experience for workers, including temporary staff, to ensure they return should they need them.

Steve Smith, President International at Sterling, explained, “Seasonal workers have always played a significant role for retailers during Christmas, but it would seem that as optimism grows across the sector, many firms are increasing their reliance on those not currently in full-time employment. However, these temporary workers aren’t just valuable in December. It’s important for employers to treat them as the longer-term commodity they are.

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“Retailers will often welcome the same short-term employees back time and again, and not just around the December rush. Temporary staff are increasingly being used as the backbone of the retail sector.

“However, to ensure they want to return, employers are having to provide the best experience for these workers – and that includes getting them through the screening process quickly.

“With competition for this segment of the workforce increasing, it will be the brands able to screen and onboard temporary workers quickly that win both now and in the long run. In order to deliver this on the scale that’s needed, retailers are going to have to increasingly rely on remote screening and digital identity verification that’s quick, seamless for the end user and, perhaps more importantly, allows for the reuse of certifications in the future.”

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