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A new study has revealed that employees are much more likely to experience burnout compared to entrepreneurs.

Professor Ewald Kibler’s research found that entrepreneurial work produces significantly fewer daily work stressors than employed work and offers higher levels of beneficial job autonomy.

It also shows that solo entrepreneurs are less stressed than entrepreneurs who employ people.

Professor Kibler said, “Entrepreneurs may be better protected from burnout because they experience fewer demands, such as administrative tasks, that are linked to burnout. This contradicts previous research that states entrepreneurs experience stressful work demands.”

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The research also revealed that serial entrepreneurs are not necessarily better equipped to cope with stress than entrepreneurs who are running a business for the first time.

Kibler added, “There are several explanations for this. Every business venture comes with its unique set of challenges and obstacles, regardless of whether the entrepreneur is a novice or a serial entrepreneur.

“Novice entrepreneurs face difficulties navigating a new industry, building networks, and understanding the regulatory environment, while serial entrepreneurs may face challenges from managing multiple ventures, scaling businesses, and dealing with more complex organisational issues.”

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