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With A-Level results day taking place last week, the government is being urged to help students work toward entrepreneurship if they don’t want to follow traditional career paths.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has outlined a plan ‘Youth Entrepreneurship’ to help the government to ‘foster a climate of entrepreneurship amid concerns the A-Level system is ‘overzealous’ in its emphasis on grades’.

Tina McKenzie, FSB Policy and Advocacy Chair, said, “Today is a watershed moment for many young people. But as we move towards a world geared to AI, digital skills, and entrepreneurship, we need to ask whether our education is overzealous on its emphasis on A-Level grades.

“While the legacies of Shakespeare and Pythagoras are undeniably important, shouldn’t we also prioritise the soft skills needed to launch your own business?

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“Not everyone wants to follow traditional, academic career paths, so there needs to be policies in place that support those people, too. Our economy depends on it because to catapult the UK into a realm of high growth, we need an education system that’s in sync with what businesses need. For that to be a reality, there’s an urgency to reconfigure our education system to truly align with business aspirations.

“As A-Level results come in, it’s important to remember that there’s more to success than grades. Congratulations to those who did well today. For those who didn’t get the results they were hoping for, remember there are numerous paths beyond this moment.

“For the UK to thrive, we need entrepreneurs – and for that, we need an education system that’s up to the challenge.”

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