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A new survey has revealed that there is a significant gender pension gap from the age of 35 – up by three per cent compared to 2022.

The Aviva survey, based on workplace pension data for just over five million pension plans, found that the gap between women’s and men’s pension contributions for 35-39-year-olds is 21%, which is up on the 18% recorded last year.

This figure rises to:

  • 24% for 40-44-year-olds
  • 27% for 45-49-year-olds
  • 32% for 50-54-year-olds

The data shows that this gap continues into retirement with women aged between 60 to 65 having pension pots that are on average just over half (57%) the size of men’s pots at the same age.

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Commenting on the findings, Michele Golunska, Managing Director for Wealth and Advice at Aviva, said, “This suggests a clear line in the sand around the age that women are often making milestone career and childcare decisions and considering opting to work part-time.

“Pension contributions are unlikely to be a deciding factor when considering whether to work part-time, but what is important is that the long-term impact on a pension is understood when making that decision.

“This is crucial to good financial planning. Some might consider upping their pension contributions, but this would have to be carefully balanced against disposable income. An option that some parents may consider is sharing the caring responsibilities to help spread the long-term impact on pension savings.”               

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