Generation Z most worried about robots taking their jobs

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A latest survey has revealed that when it comes to advanced technology taking job roles away, it’s Gen Z who are the most concerned.

The Badenoch & Clark (part of the Adecco Group) report shows that more than double the number of Gen Z (31%) than Gen X (14%) workers think that digital trends, such as AI and chatbots will eventually result in them losing either parts of or all of their job role.

According to the data, this is closely followed by millennials at 28%.

Nikki Coleman, Operations Director, Badenoch & Clark, commented, “Whether technology will lead to widespread unemployment has been a hotly debated topic in recent years, but little attention has been paid to generational nuances in sentiment towards the ‘rise’ of artificial intelligence.

“Yet, with technology playing varying roles in the lives of different generations and Gen Z, for example, having a much longer working life ahead of them than Gen X, it makes sense that concerns around digital trends in the workplace are not the same for every generation. Employers should be aware of the different worries and priorities of these generations so that they can address and manage them appropriately.”

Interestingly, despite these thoughts, Gen Z is actually the most positive about digital trends and the impact they will have on their working life.

For example, 29% think that trends like AI will do the boring jobs so that they don’t have to, compared to just 16% of Gen X. Similarly, 39% of Gen Z think that these digital trends will enable them to be more efficient, versus one in five (19%) Gen Xers.

Coleman added, “It is also interesting that the youngest cohort of employee is both concerned and hopeful about the impact of technology on their working lives, demonstrating the level of uncertainty that exists around this topic.”

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