Government spending announcement good news for umbrella contractors

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We were really pleased to see the announcement this week about what’s been described as a ‘significant’ new government investment

which is apparently designed to boost the UK’s e-infrastructure. Details of the £145 million cash injection were delivered by David Willetts, Universities and Science Minister, who stated that it is intended to ‘catalyse growth and innovation’ in the engineering, computing and design sectors. It seems that this will lead to many new projects being given the green light – leading of course to a huge opportunity for umbrella contractors with IT skills.

According to Mr Willetts, the Government thinks that major improvements to the UK’s computing structure will fuel economic growth and this in turn will help to increase confidence amongst investors – helping them to see that the UK is good place to bring their business. David Willetts also said that that there is ‘potential for considerable innovation in the UK’s design and manufacturing infrastructure’, and that this is likely to cause a ‘domino effect’ of innovative developments in other sectors. The more the merrier as far as we’re concerned!

We understand that a portion of the £145 million will be provided to UK universities so that they can carry out some pretty sophisticated research and development into new ways of storing huge amounts of data in totally secure environments. But this is just one example – and across many different sectors, there is growing agreement that IT is essential to UK growth, all of which should guarantee a bright future for our IT umbrella contractors for some time to come. 

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