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Set to be led by Matt Warman MP, the government will be launching a review into how it can best support a thriving future in the UK labour market.

Commenting on this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said, “It’s fantastic that Matt Warman has agreed to take on this important piece of work. Tackling the economic challenges of today means helping more people into high-wage, high-skilled jobs and this review will look at how we can equip people with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace no matter where they’re from.”

Leading the review, Matt Warman MP, said, “The nature of work is changing at a rapid pace and Britain is uniquely positioned to seize new opportunities. I’m delighted to be asked by the Prime Minister to examine how best we can do so in the post-Covid era.

“Businesses big and small have evolved how they work hugely in the last two years, and employees today need different skills and protections to thrive. Getting that balance right will provide tangible economic and social benefits to both companies and working people.”

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This news has been very much welcomed by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), with Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy at IPSE, commenting, “We are delighted the government has launched this review and we look forward to contributing to the report’s findings. Technological changes such as automation and virtual working, as well as a shift in attitudes to work which has been compounded by the pandemic, mean that traditional 9-to-5 employment is likely to become less common. It is essential that policymakers understand these changes, so that they can design public policy around how people increasingly want to shape their working lives.

“We also hope that this new review builds on the work done by Matthew Taylor in 2017. The government remains committed to carrying out several of Taylor’s recommendations, not least of which is clarifying employment status rules which continue to cause a great deal of confusion and disruption for workers and hirers alike.

“Freelancers and the self-employed have always played a key role in lifting the UK out of economic downturns and can play an even bigger role in the labour market of tomorrow. If harnessed effectively, the dynamism and flexibility which is inherent in freelancing can drive economic growth, not just for the individuals who choose this way of working, but for the country as a whole.”

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