Grads concerned Russell Group institutes are favoured when applying for jobs

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The Russell Group universities are a group of 24 institutions at the top of the university league tables, with a reputation for academic excellence and a strong research remit that cover the whole of the UK.

As many as 83% of graduates are concerned that those graduating from the Russell Group institutes are favoured when it comes to applying for roles.

Graduate jobs board Milkround revealed that these fears might not be misplaced, as 30% of non-Russell Group graduates are yet to find employment, compared to just 22% of those from the prestigious universities.

Georgina Brazier, Graduate Jobs Expert at Milkround, explained, “Whilst there’s no doubt that many students dream of attending reputationally prestigious universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, most graduates are left with the same level of debt or student loans (and same tuition fees) regardless of what university they attended.”

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Brazier added, “The investment students make to attend university and gain their degree is substantial and whilst academic success should be applauded, some graduates feel the return on investment when entering the workplace should be fairer. There’s no doubt that Russell Group graduates make for excellent employees but it’s integral that companies do not rule out the chance to recruit fantastic grads from other universities.”

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