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A CIPD survey of 6,000 workers found that more than half of professionals worked flexibly in some way last year – with some remote working, which has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over the last decade.

A study compiled by the New Economics Foundation estimated that 1.2 million Brits suffer from chronic loneliness, costing employers £2.5 billion a year because of the effect loneliness has on health. Flexible remote workers make up a sizeable proportion of that figure, with this type of working synonymous with isolation.

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This is where Office Freedom believe to have emerged as a lifeline for many workers, as they offer coworking spaces which negate the need to work remotely from home, and which ensure people don’t become exposed to the social isolation that so many Brits suffer from.

Richard Smith, Founder and CEO of Office Freedom, commented, “Coworking spaces can help combat the issue of loneliness associated with remote working. Modern flexible office space provides a habitat that supports staff wellness and welfare and promotes a culture of collaboration, social inter-action and productivity.

“The choice of flexible workspaces is huge, facilities are first class and there’s a wide range of attractive options for remote workers.”

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