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Pharmacist or Healthcare Locums

We now know that locum pharmacists can not be easily typified, they are very diverse in terms of why they choose to be employed as a locum, how many hours they work and what they expect from their ‘careers’, as well as in their demographic characteristics. Locums range from those who undertake emergency cover every so often, to portfolio pharmacists keen to maintain their practice experience, to full-time locums who simply prefer the freedom of self-employment.

A common theme motivating the choice of locum employment was that of flexibility, both in terms of time and place. In relation to time, locums can choose the days and hours of work, with one benefit often cited being able to choose when to take holidays.

One of the biggest benefits of working as a locum has to be an increased daily rate, working on a short term contract means you can look to charge a premium for your services.

Considering being a Pharmacist or Locum Contractor?

  • You will need to register on the Performers List through your local Primary Care Organisation.
  • Finances – you can look to take on your own finances by setting up a limited company or alternatively you can select an umbrella company to remove the hassle of running your own business.
  • Find Pharmaceutical Jobs – by sending your cv through to local practices or joining an agency.

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