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The REC’s latest monthly JobsOutlook report showed a positive trend for umbrella contractors, with 27% of employers intending to expand their non-permanent staff, and 57% planning to keep levels the same – making 84% on total who are not planning any reductions in their flexible working arrangements. In the same survey, we noted that the number of people surveyed who plan to increase their permanent workforce fell by 2% on the previous month!

The REC survey is based on responses from 600 employers across the UK. Commenting on the findings, Director of Research at REC Roger Tweedy said, “The outlook for temporary staff remains encouraging despite the AWR now being in force. The vast majority of businesses plan to maintain or increase their use of temporary staff, which indicates that flexible working options will continue to provide an important outlet for employers and job-seekers.”

Many industry watchers were concerned that companies would start getting rid of non-permanent staff in January because of AWR, but we’re pleased to see that there is no evidence of this so far. Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of Policy and Professional Services added,

“It is now over 100 days since the AWR came into force . . . overall demand remains strong. Temporary and contract staff will continue to provide employers with a key means of bringing in the right skills at the right time.”

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