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HMRC has added another umbrella company – Charteris Management Ltd (CML) – to its list of tax avoidance schemes.

The scheme, which is mainly targeted at physiotherapists, radiographers, nurses and social workers, has been added to HMRC’s tax avoidance scheme list due to a disguised ‘introducer fee’ that resulted in tax and National Insurance contributions not being paid on a second payment to the user.

Julia Kermode, founder of IWORK, a body that champions independent workers, commented on the findings, “Tax schemes have a reputation for being sought by well-off people who want to pay minimal tax and maximise the efficiency of their money – this is a misconception.

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“The reality is, these schemes often target average earners, such as NHS workers, who are feeling the pinch of wages not keeping up with inflation. Worse still, it’s the workers that are left with a tax bill, not the scheme.

“I can see the temptation for people to join a scheme – some do so knowingly – but all too often they are hard-working people duped into it because they need the money.

“These schemes must be stamped out. HMRC’s list is a start, but it simply doesn’t go far enough. We need proper action to eradicate these dubious schemes once and for all.”

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