Industry 4.0 creates demand for IT professionals

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IT contractors might be interested to find out that the increasing rise of Industry 4.0 has resulted in a growing demand for technology professionals with the right skills.

The research carried out by 1st Executive, compared client job specifications from the same period a year ago and revealed that UK businesses are showing more and more interest in IT professionals, in particular for their skills that can be used within the supply chain.

James Tucker, managing director of 1st Executive, explained, “Firms have sought technology expertise for the past few years, however over the past six months this demand has increased enormously and that’s largely down to the rise of Industry 4.0. It’s now critical to have professionals with the skills to take advantage of this new revolution within the supply chain. Tech has almost boundless potential and can make processes much more efficient than they currently are, but if the UK wants to remain competitive in the global markets then it’s critical that firms within the supply chain have people with technology-led skill sets in their own teams.”

He added, “Many firms are already actively targeting tech specialists to work for them, but the truth is that there aren’t enough professionals in the market with these skills to meet the anticipated demand. That’s why training and upskilling is so critical. In many European countries, firms are already partnering with professional bodies to develop robust training programmes to meet this demand for new skills, and organisations in the UK will have to do the same if they want to remain competitive.”

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