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IT contractors will be interested to learn that according to industry experts, the industry is looking more and more to flexible IT professionals than ever before.

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The original article by Recruiter magazine, interviewed several IT industry specialists, all of whom seemed unanimous with the fact that keeping permanent employment models and contracting work separate, can be extremely counter productive.

Recruitment Manager for IT firm Ricoh, Mike Bishop, explained that every candidate should be open minded about taking on contracting / temporary work, as this type of flexible work is now becoming the new ‘norm’ and will mean that candidate’s have a wider range of opportunities.

He told Recruiter, “People who have only done permanent work should not assume this is the only way to work, he says – and on the other side of the equation, the company will ensure it doesn’t just wave goodbye to contractors when their time is up.

“When we get a decent contractor, we will certainly do what we can to keep them.”

Other expert views include Lee Chants, MD of Hays IT & Telecoms, who explained that flexibility is gradually becoming evident compared to just a few years ago, saying, “five or six years ago a lot of people would say I’m only interested in perm work or I’m only interested in contract.”

Umbrella company contractors working in the IT sector will be pleased to hear that these findings are very much supported by a recent Barclay’s Job Creation Survey, which found that more UK technology firms plan to create new job opportunities this year.

IT and Technical job site, Techno Jobs, have also recently highlighted the fact that demand for IT professionals is on the rise, as the job site found that the number of IT job vacancies grew by 4000+ in just a year

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