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IT Contractors

Contractor Umbrella offers a PAYE Umbrella employment solution for IT contractors and IT freelancers throughout the UK.

IT contracting is becoming more and more popular as the benefits of higher take home pay, less office politics and more freedom appeal to many. Also in the current climate when downsizing and outsourcing is becoming the “norm”, IT professionals are being pushed to the world of contracting.

Contracting can however be the perfect option for some people. As a contractor, you will generally be working for a company for a fixed period of time, and normally paid for your skills on an hourly rate. Although the contract may only be for a fixed term, our experience shows that contract periods are often extended, giving you the option to remain or move to the next contract opportunity.

Benefits of IT Contracting

  • Freedom
  • Higher Take Home Pay - if you have any queries on your take home pay,
    please visit our Take Home Pay Calculator
  • Varied experience

The one thing you will have to consider is how you will manage those finances, and whether you will look to operate through an umbrella company or consider going limited?

If you are just starting out in the contracting world, you may want to consider working through an umbrella company, taking away the general day-to-day burdens, both time and paperwork, of running your own business.  An umbrella company will also eliminates the costs of starting up your own limited company and allows you to ‘test the waters” in the contracting marketplace, before committing a life outside of permanent employment.

For more information on Becoming an IT Contractor click here.

For certain contract work, you may be asked for security clearance which can delay contracts from time to time, please click here to read our article on Security Clearance for IT Contractors.

If you would like more details on the choices available please visit our comprehensive page on Umbrella Company vs Ltd Company or alternatively you can call us on 01206 713 680, email us at or simply complete the form below to register your interest and someone will come back to you shortly.

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