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Although the number of new job postings was slightly down, latest data suggests that demand remains high overall.

The latest Labour Market Tracker, compiled by the REC and Lightcast, shows that there’s been a fall in the number of new postings in the week of 17-23 October, with 154,000 new job adverts posted – 3.4% lower than a month earlier.

However, the previous week saw strong demand with 217,000 new postings, suggesting that demand, while volatile, remains at a high level overall.

The report found that there were notable increases in adverts for jobs in the education and childcare sectors, such as school secretaries and childminders.

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, commented on the findings, “After a lull over the summer and during the period of national mourning for Her Majesty the Queen we saw a recovery in hiring in late September. This continued through most of October, with some slowing in the most recent week. Overall, we are still seeing strong demand.

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“There are some signs of greater volatility driven by economic and political uncertainty. But these cyclical trends are being offset by a substantial labour shortage that means firms still need to hire, even when growth has slowed.

“On November 17th, the Chancellor has a chance to set out plans for growth which underpin investment by businesses in improving productivity, from skills to employment support to technology. This should include reforming the failed apprenticeship levy to deliver skills where they are needed, better thinking on transport and childcare to support people returning to work, and an immigration system that flexes to meet our economy’s needs.”

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