Jobseekers most likely to lie about skills and interests on CV

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As many as 1 in 3 job seekers admit to exaggerating on their CVs, with skills and interests being the top areas for telling fibs.

According to the NGA Human Resources survey of 2,000 working professionals who have changed their job in the last three years, the most commonly embellished information can be found in the following sections of a CV:

–  Skills (47%)

–  Interests (47%)

–  Career history (33%)

–  Qualifications from school (24%)

–   Professional qualifications (19%)

–  References (16%)

–  Qualification from university (16%)

–  Industry body membership (11%)

Interestingly, although many candidates are very much aware of the fact that they could get caught out – especially with regards to their references (86%), career history (79%) and professional qualifications (76%), this isn’t enough to put them off.

Anna Dickson, Talent Management Specialist at NGA HR, commented, “Candidates are taking risks by embellishing their qualifications and skills, especially since they know they could be found out.

“It’s even more important for employers to be able to run stringent checks to make sure they’re recruiting the best people for the job. By using the right technology, employers can assess the accuracy of information provided, streamline their recruitment processes and be certain that they are getting the right candidates through the door and into their workforce.”

These findings are backed up by another recent report carried out by job site, which found that as many as 37% admitted to lying on their CV – of those who did, 83% still got the job and 43% said that their lie directly contributed to them getting the role.

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