Just 5% of Brits are happy in their current role

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A new survey focusing on careers has revealed that just five per cent of Brits are currently in their dream job.

The recent study compiled by The Institute for Optimum Nutrition found that despite this dire figure, anxieties of financial uncertainty, the embarrassment of being at the bottom of the career ladder and the fear of unsupportive family and friends deters people from seeking new employment.

Interestingly, a fifth of people were concerned that an age barrier may impact their likelihood of securing a new job and 10% said they didn’t have the confidence to job hunt.

Self-employment, such as umbrella company contracting might just be the answer for the many workers who are so unhappy in their current roles, especially for those seeking a better work/life balance.

The report spoke to two individuals, Clemmie Macpherson and Mike Murphy, who both took a leap of faith and changed careers.

Clemmie retrained as a registered nutritional therapist and has gone on to set up her own clinic, and Mike took a similar path, also setting up his own company.

They both provided some top tips on landing your dream job:

1. Make sure you are passionate about the career you want to go into, changing careers is not easy; it takes time, money and determination so you’ve got to really want it.

2. Think about that job you want to do and then do your research really thoroughly about how to get there. Explore all the different avenues so you can make an informed decision.

3. Talk to as many different people as you can in the industry you want to go into, to give you an idea of what it’s really like, how they got to where they are, and what they recommend to someone just starting out.

4. When you follow a passion-driven career it doesn’t really feel like you’re working because you love what you do. But that can be a trap, make sure you have clear boundaries between your work and the other aspects of your life.

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