Lazier workers more likely to ‘get ahead’ in the workplace

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Millennials are most likely to slack off in the workplace, but many are confident that they’re successful in their professional lives.

Latest findings have revealed that it is the millennial generation that are most likely to be lazy in the workplace, however, 33.3% say that they still manage to deliver great results.

The CV-Library survey of 2,000 UK professionals found that despite 44.6% of millennials admitting to slacking off, 73% believe they’re successful in the workplace.

Interestingly, Gen X are the least likely to not put the effort in (27.6%), with Baby Boomers following closely behind, at 31.7%.

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When asked their top reasons for being lazy at work, millennials said it was due to:

  • Lack of motivation (55.6%)
  • Not being challenged (44.4%)
  • Boredom (37.8%)
  • Achieved as much as they can already (20%)
  • Don’t like their job (13.3%)

According to the research, 30.3% claim they can get away with being lazy compared to 17.8% of Gen X. What’s more, their attitude was most likely to relax after a promotion, at 27.9%, in comparison to 14.7% of Gen X workers. 

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