Majority of Brits would choose an apprenticeship over a degree

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Recent research has revealed that nearly three quarters of Brits would choose the apprenticeship route rather than studying for a degree.

The CV-Library study surveyed 1,200 workers and found that just over half (53.4%) believe that an apprenticeship is better for a person’s career.

Interestingly, 94.6% of professionals think that apprenticeships might even be helpful for fixing the current skills gap crises.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, commented, “It’s not overly surprising that the public feels so strongly about the benefits of apprenticeships. Not only do they provide workers with qualifications, skills and industry knowledge, they also give individuals fantastic experience, so that they’re ready to contribute to your company right away!”

He added, “In order to support and maintain this steady flow of people doing apprenticeships, we need to do what we can to enlighten them on these opportunities correctly. Advertising the opportunities your firm can provide at events such as careers fairs and guest talks to students is very important and could help significantly with your hiring efforts this year!”

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