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A new survey has revealed that umbrella company contractors and freelancers are more likely to be motivated by lifestyle benefits rather than money.

The Parasol survey questioned the UK’s flexible workforce about what they loved the most about contracting; more than 70% said that lifestyle factors were a key factor, with 38% saying freedom and flexibility was their favourite thing about being a contractor, 21% said the variety of work and 12% said work-life balance.

Just 29% of respondents said that money was the main reason for joining the contracting world.

Parasol managing director Derek Kelly, said, “These findings provide a fascinating insight into the mindset and motivation of today’s career contractor.

“It seems that money is no longer the main attraction for skilled professionals who choose to work as a contractor.

“In the time-pressured world of 2013, freedom from the rigidity of ‘traditional’ employment – and the subsequent ability to assert greater control over working patterns – is a major draw for contractors.

“Variety is the spice of life, and with more than 20% of our employees citing the chance to work on different assignments as their favourite thing about contracting, the same appears to be true in the world of work.

“As well as contractors, these results will also make interesting reading for business owners and HR professionals keen to retain their best employees.  

“In many cases, contractors are driven to embark on a contracting career by a determination to enjoy greater flexibility and an improved work-life balance.

“Forward-thinking organisations that can find ways to offer these benefits will have a better chance of retaining their best thinkers and discouraging them from going down the contracting route.

Simon Dolan is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Contractor Umbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies and founder member of AllUmbrellaCompaniesAreEqual.
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