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A new report has revealed that as many as 95% of employees feel their workspace needs improvement to create a more desirable environment.

The Unispace survey of 3,000 office workers across Europe found that people are looking for more from their office since the pandemic – they want their workspace to provide an experience and include features such as outdoor spaces, areas for social gatherings and collaboration spaces.

Aimee Collins, Head of Design at Unispace, commented, “Pre-pandemic, employers were already competing with each other about who could offer the best amenities for their employees.

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“Today’s workforce is looking for even more. They enjoyed elements of remote working during the pandemic and are now looking to their workplace environments for the comforts of home, but, in addition, an experience that enables them to socialize, collaborate, and connect with their colleagues and customers.

“Our research makes it very clear – employees are looking to their employers to re-envision their work experiences.

“Those companies that take the time to understand what amenities their employees are looking for, and deliver on that vision, will be those that are able to leverage their work environments to attract and retain the best talent.”

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