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Latest research shows that 56% of employers are still getting less job applications compared to the months leading up to the pandemic.

The poll revealed the extent of the skills shortages faced by UK’s businesses and found that just 28% of employers were receiving more applications than before covid.

Noura Dadzie, VP Sales UK & International Markets at, commented on the findings, “We’re facing a dearth of talent that is impacting almost every business and sector – a scenario that we’ve not experienced before. The extent of this issue is clear in the fact that it is making national headlines time and time again, and it’s showing no signs of abating.

“As organisations continue to attempt to tackle this issue, many are throwing money at candidates, with ‘golden handshakes’ and bonuses the go to for a number of brands.”

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Dadzie added, “However, what’s arguably needed is a streamlined approach to recruitment that utilises the benefits of technology to ensure that the right candidates are seeing the right jobs, and their experience in the application process is positive. It’s all too easy in the current environment to compromise on quality for the sake of quantity, but that is a viscous cycle to get into.

“It’s crucial that data driven decisions are being made that have the candidate journey at the heart of all decisions. Without this approach, employers and recruiters will face a more difficult skills market that could continue for the longer-term.”

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