Majority of job seekers believe a smartphone is a necessity for finding work

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As many as 89% of UK job seekers consider their smartphone a necessity for finding their next job role.

The recent findings compiled by SMS platform TextLocal, revealed that 45% of people looking for new work search for these roles via their mobile devices on a daily basis and 59% save them on their smartphone in order to apply later on using a laptop or desktop.

This recent data highlights how SMS is one of the best methods when it comes to connecting and staying in contact with candidates, as it is the only mobile channel that allows recruiters to reach candidates instantly.

TextLocal believes that SMS can be used throughout the entire recruitment process, such as discussing applicant’s requirements, communicating potential matching roles, arranging interviews and giving feedback.

Jason Palgrave-Jones, Managing Director at Textlocal, commented, “As well as the ability to use instantaneous short codes, send interactive content-rich messages with locations maps, interview appointment reminders and personalised pre-interview tips straight to candidates’ mobiles, further benefits highlighted by the report include the discretion of SMS – job seekers can hunt for new roles and progress their applications at their desks, avoiding the embarrassment of a ‘can’t talk now’ phone call in the office.”

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