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A new report has shown that with inflation and the cost of living going up, as many as 75% of UK workers are now considering changing jobs because of rising living costs.

The CV-Library report surveyed over 4,000 workers and found that 69.1% admitted that salary was the main factor behind wanting to find another job, whereas flexible or remote working only accounted for 14.8%.

Based on almost a quarter of a million jobs posted on CV-Library, the industries currently offering wages lower than they were a year ago include:

  • Retail (-5%)
  • Sales (-1.6%)
  • Social Care (-1.2%)
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Scientific (-1%)

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Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library commented, “Whilst these statistics are high, it feels sadly inevitable that UK professionals are feeling forced into action given the huge demands on household budgets. The pandemic pushed the desire for flexible and remote working to the fore but, whilst it is still important, we’re seeing this take a back seat as the need for more money takes precedence.

“With unfilled vacancies still at record levels, the UK job market would be much healthier with a greater number of available candidates, but businesses will need to balance their own increased costs with the salary needs and expectations of job seekers.”

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