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According to recent research, there are a number of job hunting myths that are holding people back from their next role.

The survey, carried out by CV-Library, found that many Brits believe that there are certain ‘job hunting rules’ they must follow – not only is this not always the case, but people are scuppering their chances of securing their next role because of these ‘rules’.

Almost half (45.5%) of professionals think there are set rules you should follow when job hunting, with the majority (77.7%) admitting no one has ever taught them what these ‘rules’ are.

This has left nearly 70% feeling confused about the job hunting process.

CV-Library sought to find out what ‘myths’ candidates believe to be true when searching and applying for jobs, revealing the following 10 factors:

1. You should apply to as many jobs as possible – 57.6%

True and False – While you should aim to broaden your horizons and apply for the jobs that interest you, try to focus on quality over quantity to get the most out of your job search.

2. You can’t get a job without relevant experience – 56.4%

False – So long as you can demonstrate that you have the right attitude and transferable skills for the job, you don’t necessarily need to have industry experience.

3. The most skilled candidate will get the job – 37.2%

True and False – Employers want the best cultural fit for their organisation, sometimes that’s the most skilled candidate, sometimes it’s about potential.

4. Your CV needs a unique design to stand out – 36.2%

False – A unique design could help you to stand out, but equally, be off putting! It’s better to stick with a clear layout that’s easy to read, using a traditional font such as Arial or Calibri.

5. You should arrive 30 minutes early to an interview – 33.9%

False – Arriving too early to an interview is a big no-no and may annoy your potential employer. Instead, aim to arrive around 5-10 minutes before it’s due to start.

6. Your CV should only be one page long – 19.9%

False – Limiting your CV to one page won’t leave enough room to include all the relevant information. That said you should aim to avoid anything longer than two pages.

7. You can’t change industries – 13.9%

False – Your previous jobs will give you a transferrable skill set, which you can utilise in your next venture. So if you want to move industries – go for it!

8. You shouldn’t negotiate on an entry level position – 13%

True and False – While entry-level candidates should be more careful when negotiating a job offer, it doesn’t mean it should be ruled out – particularly if you feel it doesn’t match your value.

9. You can’t get a job without a degree – 11.40%

False – Nowadays, there’s plenty of options for individuals that don’t want to do a degree. Apprenticeships, for example, provide valuable training and experience.

10.  The internet is the only place to find a job – 9.50%

True and False – While most people start their job search online, you can also find a job through networking or at events.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments on the findings,“Job hunting isn’t always an easy process and can be stressful. Especially if you think that there are set rules you should follow, which in reality, may not be 100% correct and could be holding you back!

“Follow our advice to help you out and check out what the internet has to offer. There are many career advice blogs to read which provide tips for landing your dream job. Also, many companies post helpful job hunting tips on social media, which is perfect for discovering new insights.”

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