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According to latest research, a growing number of candidates within Gen Z are regretting their career paths.

The data, carried out by Gartner, Inc, revealed that in 2018, 40% of Gen Z respondents said that wouldn’t repeat their decision to take the job offer they had accepted and only 15% said they could see themselves having a long career at their current organisation.

The report found that, as digital natives, this generation understand that innovation and change are a constant. For example, to ensure they are staying relevant as technology and business processes advance, they are keen to leverage various types of development opportunities, from training programs and boot camps to continuing education.

Last year, data from Gartner’s Global Labor Market Survey found that 23% of Gen Z candidates listed development opportunities as a top attraction driver, compared with only 17% of their millennial predecessors in 2013.

Along with development opportunities, Gen Z candidates expect flexibility in their work arrangements. In addition to the ability to work from any location, these workers believe work should accommodate play and play should be incorporated in work.

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With regards to seeking a defined career, only 25% of Gen Z candidates listed future career opportunities as a top attraction driver when considering a job; in 2014, 34% of millennials felt the same way.

Lauren Smith, vice president of Gartner’s HR practice, commented, “To address this increase in candidate regret — and stem the ensuing issues with underperforming talent and/or high turnover — organisations need to better understand what Generation Z candidates want.

“Given that today’s graduates are focused on learning and developing skills, employers looking to gain a career commitment from their Gen Z employees must ensure they offer these opportunities.

“Employers who want to capitalise on the influx of Gen Z candidates into the labour market must consider how best to appeal to these individuals and reduce the desire for them to seek alternative career opportunities.”

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