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With UK vacancies soaring to record levels, candidates are in a position to pick and choose roles, and so many are turning down jobs due to off-putting interviewer behaviour.

According to the CV-Library study of 1,500 UK professionals, these are the top reasons as to why a candidate wouldn’t accept a new job role:

  • Arrogant or unfriendly interviewer (cited by 76.8%)
  • The interviewer hasn’t looked thoroughly at your application/doesn’t know much about you (49.5%)
  • The interviewer is distracted and doesn’t pay full attention during the interview (45.7%)
  • Too many interview stages (30.9%)
  • Lengthy assessment tasks (23.2%)

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Nearly 40% of those surveyed admitted that they would be put off applying for a job that had a lengthy interview process – 53% said they believe the interview process should last no longer than 1 to 2 weeks.

Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library, commented on the findings, “With 1.2m positions currently on offer to UK job seekers, the candidate experience is more important than ever before. It’s vital that hiring professionals heed the results of this survey and make any necessary changes to their recruitment strategy, now. If not, they simply won’t fill job vacancies and will drive top talent to key competitors.”

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