Many millennial mothers choosing self-employment for a better work-life balance

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A recent survey has revealed that many millennial mothers are planning to join the world of self-employment within the next 12 months.

The research, compiled by the .uk domain, found that 17% of millennial mothers plan to work for themselves within the year and 21% in the next five years – with the main factor being that they want find a better work-life balance.

According to the survey, a high percentage (54%) of the mum’s surveyed admitted that they struggled to fit in family life with a permanent full time job after returning to work from their maternity leave. As a result, 22% said that this made them anxious about their job.

As many as 78% of those surveyed said that having the option of a flexible work life was the main reason for wanting to become self-employed.

Other factors included having to pay extortionate childcare costs when in a permanent 9-5 job (89%), the cost of travelling to work (41%) and the feelings of guilt when leaving their child with someone else (71%).

Russell Haworth, CEO, Nominet, which runs the .uk domain, commented, “I think that we’re seeing an entrepreneurial shift in the UK workforce, and women with young children are at the forefront.

“There is real enthusiasm amongst millennial mums to be their own boss to ensure they can achieve the all-important work-life balance, while still generating an income to support their growing family.”

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