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The majority of those aged between 50-64 are returning to work due to the cost-of-living crisis and concerns about their pensions.

The CV-Library survey of 2,250 over 50s revealed that as many as 91% of inactive workers are planning to return to work.

When asked the reason why:

  • 72% said it’s due to necessity (cost-of-living crisis and worries about their pension)
  • 36% stated boredom
  • 25% said it’s to take advantage of the record number of job vacancies available

While 43% felt they would require some additional training in the next role, more than 60% feel more confident as they’ve gotten older.

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Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library commented, “With many vacancies still unfilled it’s great news that a significant number of experienced workers are planning on returning to work.

“It’s fair to say that every business in the UK has their costs under review and when it comes to the hiring process, the needs of the company and role should come before anything else but employing staff in the 50+ bracket can add experience and stability as well as diversifying the workplace.”

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