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Latest findings have revealed that more businesses are turning to external agencies or freelancers for their marketing tasks.

Marketing agency surveyed 1,021 UK professionals and found that more than 42% of businesses outsource their marketing jobs instead of running it themselves in-house.

According to the report, 32% said that they preferred outsourcing so as to benefit from the expertise of external marketers and another 22% said that it saves them in costs in the long term.

Managing director at Gareth Hoyle, commented, “The research shows how business leaders are relying on other means (be it a freelancer or an agency) to handle their marketing activity, rather than opting to handle this activity in-house. Interestingly, this appears to mostly be happening within the subcategory of the digital marketing sector.

“This is understandable however, as industry practices are regularly updating and it can be hard for businesses to keep up to date with the very latest developments in digital marketing. Therefore, having a dedicated external team that are experts in the field and have access to all the latest tool packages will help to coordinate and streamline the process. That said, business leaders need to ensure they are fully engaged and in regular dialogue with their outsourced team to ensure the activity is successfully achieving the business’ goals.”

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