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A new survey has revealed that a fifth of workers feel that rising living costs are likely to result in them relocating to a more affordable location.

Researching the UK cities where workers can find the best work-life balance, the first Totaljobs Quality of Living Index found that Edinburgh came top of the list with the highest scores for overall quality of living.

Edinburgh was found to offer residents higher rates of local happiness, access to affordable housing and the best commute times.

The 2023 Quality of Life ranking is as follows:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Plymouth
  3. Glasgow
  4. Cardiff / Newcastle / Nottingham / Portsmouth / Sheffield
  5. Bristol
  6. Leeds
  7. Liverpool
  8. Belfast / Birmingham
  9. Manchester
  10. London

Data shows that those aged 18-34 are less satisfied with their local city than those aged 55+ (85% vs 90%).

As many as 75% of the younger generation are considering relocating, with many choosing to delay major life milestones, such as buying a property (32%) and having children (24%), due to the cost-of-living crisis.

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Julius Probst, European labour market Economist at Totaljobs, said, “Rising living costs are forcing workers to consider just how, and where, they can get the most out of their pay slip.

“This financial pressure, combined with the broader cultural shifts brought on by Covid-19, is resulting in more workers relocating to get the best work-life balance. After all, loving where you work is becoming just as important as enjoying what you do for work.

“In a tight market, employers can expand their recruitment to make the most of a workforce open to relocation.

“By showcasing the best their city has to offer, and speaking to key factors that would incentivise candidates to move (including affordable living costs, a higher salary, and a generous benefits or relocation package) employers can win over the committed people they need.”

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